When When nature calls, you need to answer. Some people go to the bathroom six to ten times per day. You need a place where you can answer nature well.

A bathroom remodel is a terrific way to make your home more livable and valuable. But many homeowners don't know where to start.

You can start right here. Here are seven bathroom remodel tips.

1. Plan Everything Out

Consider why you want a remodel. Pinpoint what you want to change in exact terms.

Make a list of everything you want a renovator to remodel. Choose a layout that includes all the features you need, and pick a style you like.

Find sources of inspiration. Look at our photos of remodels, and take notes on what you like.

2. Leave Lots of Space

Give yourself plenty of room, and maximize the room you do have. Include a large vanity and counter space. You need room to place your toiletries and inspect yourself in the mirror.

Adding a half-bath is more cost-effective than adding an entire bathroom. Leave yourself at least eighteen square feet, with enough floor space to move in and out of the room.

Add grab rails and handles to increase accessibility. Choose a walk-in shower so you don't have to step over a high tub.

3. Add Color

You can make your bathroom seem bigger with whites. Paint your ceiling and walls white or off-white. Light bounces off the walls, making them seem more distant.

Add plants for splashes of vibrant colors. Greens and browns enliven a space, and they make artificial materials seem more natural.

4. Maximize Durability

Your floors will support a lot of weight. Solid wood floors can break, so select ceramic tiles and vinyl planks instead.

Your countertops are used many times a day. Select solid quartz for them. If you want to add tiles, pick porcelain.

Make sure your plumbing can hold up to strain. Purchase solid brass valves, which can last many years. Do not pick plastic fixtures.

5. Splurge a Little

If you can afford a little luxury, be luxurious.

A heated floor soothes feet and legs and reduces overall heating costs. Add radiant floor tiles that convey heat into your bathroom. Add an electric mat if you want added support.

Wall-mounted features open up floor space and modernize the room. Build your toilet and cabinets into the wall.

6. Ventilate

If you want to be comfortable, you need to have airflow. Airflow reduces odors and circulates heating through the room.

Install a quiet ventilation unit above your bath or shower. Make sure the unit can handle steam.

Put a window along the back wall or sidewall. Open it to let air out or into your room. A window also lets in natural light to complement your light fixtures.

7. Prepare for Renovations

Renovations can take several days. If you plan in advance, you can reduce your stress. Select a timetable that works for you and your family.

Find a temporary bathroom for yourself. A porta potty is sufficient for basic needs. For a shower, find a sports gym or YMCA.

Provide a table for renovators to place their tools on. Clear out space so they can walk into your home. Clear out rooms for yourself to walk around the bathroom.

Go to the Experts on Bathroom Remodel Tips

Remodeling raises your home's value. But many people don't know basic bathroom remodel tips.

Do your research and find a few remodels you like. Design your bathroom with lots of space, color, and durable materials. Add a little luxury and ventilate the room well.

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