Americans spend, on average $400 billion annually remodeling. A large chunk of that spend comes down to bathroom remodels.

Your bathroom is one of the most important, and well-frequented, rooms in your home.

We want our bathrooms to be relaxing, inviting, and stylish. But because of their frequent use, they can get tired-looking pretty quickly.

A remodel could be just the thing you are looking for to bring life back to your bathroom. But if you are puzzling about your bathroom remodel cost, then you can relax.

We will talk you through just what you can expect when it comes to pricing up your bathroom remodeling project in Stockton CA.

Is It Time to Think of a Bathroom Renovation?

Before you even start thinking about your renovation, ask yourself: do I need full bathroom remodeling?

If your decor is tired and worn, and your bathroom suite has seen better days, then most likely the answer is yes. However, the cost of your remodel will vary when you consider your bathroom size and your budget.

According to Home Advisor, it can cost anywhere from $6,000 to almost $16,000 for a bathroom remodel cost. With large master bathrooms costing up to $25,000 or even more. The average bathroom remodel cost comes to around the $10,000 mark.

Renovators need to ask themselves, do I want my bathroom to look better, or function better? Or maybe it's both!

So, why is there such a big difference in the cost of a bathroom remodel?

Bathroom Remodel Project Sizes

Now that you have decided to remodel, it is important to consider your project range. This will help determine the cost of the redo.

Do you want a full redo or a partial redo? Are you remodeling the family bathroom or the master bathroom?

These factors will have an impact on the final price.

Smaller bathrooms can be planned by a contractor. If you are planning a larger bathroom remodeling, then you might want to consider hiring a bathroom designer. They can help you to get the most out of your space - and your budget.

Breaking Down a Bathroom Remodel Cost

There are several factors that go into getting an accurate quote to remodel your bathroom in Stockton CA:

  • Hiring a contractor or designer (unless you plan to DIY)
  • Planning and drawing
  • Tearing out of the old bathroom
  • Redoing of the plumbing, electrics, and lights
  • Tiles, paint, and fixing appliances
  • Bathtub or shower
  • Sink, toilet, cistern, and sinks
  • Vanity and countertop
  • Any extras such as heated towel rails or shelves
  • With each of these factors, you need to take your budget into consideration. For every phase of your remodel, you will have options on price points.

    For example, an acrylic bathtub could cost:

    Budget: $400

    Mid Level: $600

    High End: $1,000

    With marble or iron, or other unique materials costing more. You then need to factor in the cost of labor. Your contractor or plumber will need to remove the old tub and install the new one.

    Always have labor costs implemented into your bathroom remodel cost.

    Creating Your Dream Bathroom in Budget

    Giving your bathroom a full renovation does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Your bathroom remodel cost is something we can help with. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can make your dream bathroom a reality - within your ideal budget.